3 Steps for a deep clean of your home

1.     Take better care of your clothes

The issue of toxic cleaning chemicals can also be applied to your clothes. Various detergents and fabric softeners on the market are packed with toxic ingredients that will be absorbed by your skin. No cleaning effectiveness is worth it, so it would be better if you bought your detergent from the same green section of the store.

Also, adding a bit of baking soda  to your washing is a healthy way to clean laundry more effectively. After you’ve finished washing your clothes, you should leave them to dry in the sun for as long as possible. The sun rays will make certain toxins evaporate, though take note – this is not a completely toxin-proof method.

home clean


2. Get rid of textile

Your carpets, drapes, and upholstery are a nest for bacteria and mold, and a sponge for toxic chemicals. They might be a nice decoration and they could add to the insulation from the cold, but they are almost always an incessant source of dirt and a health hazard waiting to happen. They are well-known allergens that can lower your life quality by a significant margin.

Throw all that needless textile out of your household, and the quality of the air will certainly improve.



3. Leave your shoes at the door

It’s like a relentless trend that has begun in the early nineties. When have we stopped taking our shoes at the doorstep? The soles of your sneakers have collected all sorts of terrible filth around the block, and it’s not that difficult to realise this once you count all of the places you’ve put your feet on that day.

Encourage your family members and your guests to take their shoes off and you’ll have an easier time to clean your home.

It’s really hard to keep track of all the toxins that plague our environment. Some of them are man-made and some we just can’t control. No matter how it turns out, it’s in your best interest to keep your home as clean as possible, and find the most effective ways to get rid of toxins. Your little kingdom is, after all, your responsibility.


In collaboration with Lana Hawkins, the Editor-in-Chief at Smooth Decorator.