Calling all British Tennis Fans!

As you may know, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2016 commenced yesterday! How time has flown by! Do you think this years Summer is any better than last years? Oh how Britons weather is temperamental… As BBC Sports says “One hundred and forty thousand punnets of Strawberries ripened to perfection… all for two weeks and one tournament.”. It will be interesting to see who wins the rounds- we might even have a surprise…

There will be a beautiful total of 15 British players this year trying to grasp the trophy. Today will be starting of off with the fantastic brits Watson, Bedene, Moore and Swan at 11:30. All of which will be competing with our European rivals. After this, both Andy Murray and Liam Broady will be competing together on of the Centre Court with the spotlight shining on them. Good luck to them both!


As for yesterday’s commencement, unfortunately James Ward was defeated by the renowned Novak Djokovic! But we will let him off, Djokovic has been playing for the Wimbledon Championships for 11 years now! Federer also played yesterday who also won against Pella. Perhaps it is too early to suggest who is currently in the lead but time will tell… But with the amount of prize money they will receive, it is no surprise every one will be doing their upmost!

So the question now is, will you be watching it? Of course you will be, whether you are actually there or not, you will be. But before you go, take a quick look at TidyChoice for professional cleaners to help out with your homely chores whether it is cleaning the bathroom or just doing the laundry, our platform has some great people that can help.


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