Keeping Your House Clean with A Dog Around

Dogs are cute and clever. No wonder many people love having them as their household companions. Unfortunately, despite the greater  emotional well-being and love that your four-pawed friends’ place bring to your life, dog ownership also has its challenges, not least how to keep your house clean with a dog around.

As hairy animals, dogs often leave traces of their hair behind places they visit. They also like scratching surfaces. Lastly, they can occasionally leave smells behind.

So how should new dog owners prepare themselves for all these eventualities?


Ensuring that your dog is well-groomed is a great way to minimise your friend’s impact on your house’s tidiness.

Bathe your dog once a month to ensure decent hygiene. Trim their nails occasionally to reduce the amount of scratch marks that they could leave on your home’s surfaces. And don’t forget hair cuts!

Prepare Your House

Consider whether your home’s furniture, particularly the sofa, is appropriate for your pet or not. As the sofa is one of many dogs’ favourite locations to lie on, you should consider upgrading your sofa to one that is more hair-repellent and tear-resistant. Leather can be a great material, while fabric like microfibre and microsuede could work as well.

Besides furniture upgrades, ensure that you complement the doormat at your house’s entrance with a water bowl and a towel to wash and dry your canine’s paws once they arrive home from a muddy walk.

Also place a mat under your dog’s food bowl to prevent spills from dirtying your floor.

Adapting to Your Dog’s Habits

Identify locations in your house where your dog loves resting in, and place some towels on those areas to catch some of the loose hair and reduce your the amount of cleaning that you have to do.

Extra Cleaning Tips

Hoover frequently to remove your dog’s hair from your floor and furniture. Consider upgrading your hoover to a more powerful one to make your work easier.

A lint roller, which all dog owners should have, can also be used to go over areas missed by your hoover.

To address smells from your dog’s litter box, consider scattering some baking soda on it to absorb some of the odor.

Also clean right after your dog’s accidents to remove germs. To minimise stains on your carpets or other cloths, you should use a towel to absorb all the accidents’ moisture. Then treat the remaining stain with a mixture of water and washing-up liquid.


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