Market and Business Expansion Research for a High Growth Digital Start-up

Student, under-graduate or graduate internship in London

TidyChoice is looking for an enthusiastic candidate to support our leadership team in developing TidyChoice’s strategy to expand our online services from housekeeping to elderly and child care.

This position is perfect for a business school student or young graduate who would like to acquire hands-on experience in creating next generation online services, in developing a strong brand and in analysing the risks and opportunities of the digital home-service market. You will be directly reporting to the CEO of TidyChoice. Among other duties, you would be involved in:

  • Analysing the current competitive landscape in digital home services and online booking.
  • Developing a business expansion strategy
  • Making an executive plan with specific business actions

Requirements for this position:

  • Knowledge and practice in market research
  • Open mind and dynamic working habits
  • Previous experience in business analysis and market research will be a plus
  • Ideally, the candidate will be able to work with us 2 to 3 months.


At TidyChoice we offer people flexibility. The terms (start, end, salary and conditions) of the job are flexible within reason and can be adapted to the schedule and needs of the candidate, should the candidate be ideal for this position. We are a results-driven start-up.

As a minimum, we pay students travelling and daily expenses. Additional payment will be considered if the candidate has previous and relevant experience to the position.

This post is suitable for students, young graduates or undergraduates who would like to gain some commercial experience before applying to their first corporate job.

If you are interested send a short CV and some words about why you think you are suitable for this post to:

Ana Andres


About TidyChoice

TidyChoice is a young and dynamic start-up. We want to revolutionise the way people find trusted help for their homes.  We aim to be become the lifeline for help at home.

Our website and mobile app allows customers to easily book available professionals to work regularly at their place. Professionals easily market their services and use our tool to manage their time.

We are the AirBnB of home care with Amazon’s customer service.

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