New Year redecorating: small changes for a big difference in your home

Now that we’re in a new year it’s the ideal time to freshen things up in your home. You don’t have to spend fortunes as there is plenty that you can do yourself, including changing wall colours, moving things around and adding a few new furnishings. Let’s check how you can implement these small changes and a make a big difference in your home.

A splash of colour

Re-decorating is one of the best ways to completely change the look of your home, and you can do it yourself. Whether you want to freshen up your entire house, an individual room or just create a feature wall in your living room, a lick of paint can work wonders. Get some samples and try different shades out to see what you like and then get stuck in. Something that often puts people off painting is the lingering smell, but once you know how to get rid of paint smell you’ll be more than ready to get going.


Fresh soft furnishings

In the same way that painting a room can completely change its look, so can a new pair of curtains, a statement rug or cushions for the sofa. Again, it’s all about the colour and if you go for matching sets it can look very sleek and classic. Alternatively, mix it up with contrasting shades to create a quirkier look.


Reshuffle the room

Sometimes the biggest changes can take the least amount of time — a simple reshuffle of furniture can do just that. It might be moving the TV stand and sofa to the opposite corner of the room, re-orienting the dining table or switching the bed round so that it faces a different part of your bedroom. Whatever you do, the smallest tweak can completely change the flow and feel of any room.


Get artsy

Another change you can make is to hang some new pictures. Anything from a piece of fine art to framing a few of your favourite photographs can create a feature on any wall. You might not even need to buy new pieces; just like with furniture, a simple re-organisation can do the job.


The fine detail

As you can see, the above easy changes can have a big impact. There are plenty of other things you can do on an even smaller scale. These could include:

  • Adding a new lamp to alter the lighting in an area of the room.
  • Altering the power of your overhead lighting to soften or brighten the ambiance.
  • Fitting decorative door knobs to replace plain ones.
  • Up-cycling old furniture with a bit of paint or decoupage paper.
  • Putting up feature wallpaper.


These are a few small changes that can really freshen up the look of your home. Whether it’s redecorating with freshly painted walls and knowing how to get rid of paint smell, having a furniture reshuffle or hanging some new pictures, small changes can make a big difference.

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