Preparing Your House for Your Date’s First Visit

First Impressions are very important, and the first time your date steps into your place is no different. Even if your dirty and unorganised self will eventually reveal itself to your date over time, it is crucial to make his/her first step into your house a memorable one – in a good way.

Today, TidyChoice presents you with some tips on how to prepare your house for that first visit by your special someone:

  • Vacuum and Dust Keeping the dust away is a great way to signal your ability and willingness to sustain long-term relationships (in this case, with your house). Dust removal also makes a great difference on how your place looks, and you never want to trigger your invitee’s dust allergy!
  • Check the Smell If needed, leave your windows open for a bit for ventilation prior to your date. Freshen your bathroom and leave a freshener there just in case. However, don’t just spray your freshener on everything. Its lingering smell isn’t everyone’s favourite, and it may suggest a preference for fast non-permanent fixes over more long-term solutions to your problems.
  • Do your Dishes This shows your organisation and makes your kitchen looks much more pleasant.
  • Make your Bed and Tidy Your Bedroom Floor These tasks help you demonstrate your attention to detail. If you are a man, this also helps you positively distinguish yourself from your date’s previous encounters.
  • Prepare Your Bathroom Make sure that you do not leave anything unpleasant on your toilet. Also ensure that you have soap and a towel visibly placed by the sink for your date to clean their hands with.
  • Make Sure that Your House Resembles Your Personality  Don’t hide decorations and furniture pieces that reflect your background and personality. These could help start conversations and also demonstrate that you are not shy to open up about yourself.

Remember, if you need assistance cleaning up your house for that first visit, you can always visit to get help from our amazing cleaning professionals. Good luck with your date!

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