The best way to clean mildew in a bathroom

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Help! My bathroom is turning black

The best way to clean mildew is to prevent it, so make sure that you air your bathroom after each shower. If you have a window leave it well open for a while, otherwise, make sure you have installed a good ventilation system. Sometimes, all this is not enough.

To remove small brown or black spots from painted walls, make the following solution:

  • one cup chlorine bleach and
  • one gallon of warm water.

Using rubber gloves, dip a scrub brush in, and scour the section (being careful not to splash yourself or nearby fabrics). Let the solution set a few minutes; rinse with a wet cloth.

Cleaning the plastic shower-curtain liner is even easier:

Launder it in hot water on the gentle cycle with detergent and chlorine bleach; add a few old towels to balance the load. Dry on low heat for just a minute or two. When it’s dry enough to carry (and not dripping), rehang it, spread out, on the rod.

If your walls are covered in large black stains, first, it might be highly unhealthy so do not try to clean them yourself. Those stains on the wall may be a sign of a much bigger problem; call a professional cleaner.

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