Tips to Clean Your Filthy Devices

Phones and laptops might be two of the dirtiest things that we carry around with us every day. Let’s question ourselves for a second. Have we ever brought our phone to the bathroom? Have we ever had lunch while watching dramas on our laptop? Well, I will admit it.

We need to clean these filthy devices NOW.

Take off and clean the cases

Phone cases protect your devices but also accommodate dirt. If they are not made of precious materials like real leather or silk, you can wash them under running water with some dish soap. If they aren’t washable, gently wipe them with disinfection wipes.


Clean your screens and keyboard

Before you do any cleaning, please make sure your electronics are switched off. You can use special screen cleaning wipes which claim to be anti-static to clean the screens and keyboard. Or you can simply use alcohol wipes to wipe out all the oil and kill all the bacteria on your devices. Cotton buds can be super helpful for keyboard cleanings.


Aim for a deeper cleaning?

PhoneSoap is what you are looking for. Using PhoneSoap is basically giving your phone a UV light bath. After stripping off your phone, you simply put it in the case and close the lid. PhoneSoap will use UV light to sanitize your phone in minutes. The “Soap” can also charge your phone while cleaning it. Magic? It costs you 10 times more than a roll of cleaning wipes.




Another big step to keep dirt and bacteria away from me.

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