Tips to Keep Spiders Away

A gigantic spider landed at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this week. Oh, don’t be sacred. It was a robotic one. However, real spiders might be approaching your home as the lovely spring is here. Here are some insights into keeping spiders away.

Regular decluttering

According to Mr. Layton, an entomologist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, frequent decluttering reduces the risk of spider invasions. The next time you book your cleaning session, make sure the cleaner thoroughly vacuums all rooms, completely clearing all clutter, and will do this on a regular basis.

Thorough window cleaning

Spiders love to live or even lay eggs in your windowsills. Regularly washing your windows both inside and outside, vacuuming the windowsills, and dusting the window blinds would really help to keep them away.

Frequent air cleaning

Well, I don’t mean washing or dusting your air. Lighting up scented candles or burning essential oil would help to repel spiders. Spiders hate strong scents, especially the citrus scent. If spiders are regular visitors, you might want to spray diluted essential oil or vinegar onto your carpets, wooden floors, and hidden corners in your house.

Although I really enjoyed the spider at Arcadia, I’d like to keep all his friends away.


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