How to Clean Your Child’s Toys

We touch, hear, see, smell, and taste in order to explore our surroundings. Not only do children touch their toys, but they sometimes enjoy licking, chewing, and biting their playthings. In this process, they get in contact with various germs and can even catch illnesses.

To remain healthy while their immune systems are still developing, small children need help to reduce their encounters with undesirable bacteria in their toys. First and foremost, parents can do their part by regularly cleaning the objects that their kids like to play with.

So how should toys be cleaned? The answer depends on which toys we are talking about.

Bath Toys

Firstly, let’s establish that rubber bath toys do need to be cleaned. Many people may assume that their regular contact with soap and bath water is sufficient for these playthings to remain sufficiently hygienic. This is false. The damp condition that these toys are often in is great for the growth of mould, which is not only disgusting, but can also cause rashes on your child’s skin.

To clean rubber bath toys, simply dip them in a 50/50 hot water and white vinegar solution after each use. Then dry them soon after.

Soft Toys   

Toys made from fabric can usually be cleaned in the washing machine the same way that clothes are washed. However, do take a look at the instruction label in case your toy happens to be an exception to the rule.

This suggestion does not apply to toys with batteries, which can be ruined if not hand-washed. Large toys may also not fit inside your washing machine.

Small Non-Electric Toys

For those with dish-washers, small, non-battery-reliant toys are extremely easy to clean. Dish-washers can help you do all the cleaning in such case. Place the toys on the top rack of your dishwasher, and simply wash them with the normal detergent that you use for your machine!

Be careful with toys with small removable parts. You don’t want them flying around the dishwasher, damaging themselves and other items.

Large Items and Toys with Batteries

For toys with batteries or very large items, hand-washing is the best cleaning method. Remember to remove the batteries from the toys. Then use a cloth to gently scrub the toys with a soapy mixture.

Now let’s talk about how frequent these playthings need washing. Most of the time, giving them a weekly clean would be sufficient to guarantee a hygienic environment for your little one. However, if the kid from next door suddenly decides to put your child’s toys in her mouth, or if someone accidentally spills food on the toys, then it would be best to give the contaminated items an immediate wash. This way, your child can be guaranteed contamination-free play sessions which everyone looks forward to.

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