How to include children in household chores: ideas by room

As your children grow it is important to include them in various different activities including chores in order to teach them responsibility and also give you a little bit of a break every now and then. Here are a few tips on ways that they can be included – from showing them a guide on how to clean a hairbrush from Cleanipedia, to including them in the fun of Christmas at this time of year.

In the bedroom

One of the simplest chores that children can be involved in is taking care of their own bedroom. Children as young as three are capable of learning to make their own bed in the morning when they get up and ensure that all their dirty washing is placed into the laundry basket.

In the kitchen

Joining in with baking Christmas cookies or helping cook up the perfect Sunday roast are chores that most children love to do; and as they grow a little they can begin to have involvement in other chores in the kitchen too. For example, why not ask your children to put the food shopping away when you return from the supermarket; and once they are tall enough they can do the washing up too.

In the living room

Whether it’s dusting the top of the TV box or vacuuming up the fallen needles when you put up your Christmas tree at this time of year; there are plenty of chores that children of all ages can be involved in when it comes to the living room. The best part is you can have a rest on the sofa, and point out bits they have missed!

In the bathroom

While you may not wish for your children to use chemical-based cleaners to wipe down the bath, sink and toilet in the bathroom, there are still chores that children can partake in. For example, ensuring that the bath mats and hand towels are changed over for clean ones at least once a week; or cleaning the loose hair strands from your hair brush are great ways to get them involved.

Now that you have some great tips on including your children in household chores from cleaning up fallen Christmas tree needles to teaching them how to clean a hairbrush, all there is to do is get them involved!

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