International Woman’s Day

This International Woman’s Day, we’re thanking the technology that launched the twentieth century women out of the private sphere of the home.

You might be surprised to hear that we don’t mean the megaphone.

Sure, it's not glamorous, but have you ever tried cleaning carpet with a broom?

Sure, it’s not glamorous, but have you ever tried cleaning a carpet with a broom? Yikes.

Hoovers, and washing machines may be banal, but they radically transformed women’s lives. In 1965, the average woman spent 44 hours a week cleaning and managing the home. That’s easily the equivalent of a full time, and sadly unpaid, job. No holiday time, no sick pay – yikes. Today, thanks to technology, that’s now down to five and a half hours a week.

But is that too long? It’s still more than a man’s average of three and a half hours a week.


A lock and key certainly comes in useful. If just so you don’t come back to find crayon on the wall.

There’s certain influential female names that you’re bound to see a few times today, and one of those will be writer Virginia Woolf. She protested that “…a woman must have money and a room (with a lock and key) of her own.” Having an independent focused space away from the pressures of the world is key to being able to flourish. It’s not fair that even now in domestic matters, its “mum” who’s called on ultimately to sort it out.

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