Keep your best friends close and your cleaner closer.

Have you ever wondered what your friends think of the level of cleanliness in your home?

A new survey reveals that your friends judge your home within the first 30 seconds of entry.

It could be the lack of time to get your house in order but it takes seconds for until someone judges your home.

According to a new research by Airwick, the majority of what compromises a bad impression is clutter and cleanliness.

It all starts with dirty skirts, cluttered stairs and bad coffee (yes, that too).

Don’t let that stop you from feeling comfortable at your own place when you invite your friends over.  

Avoid hiding the mess by doing some last minute sweeping or hiding your clutter in the cupboard.

Choose a simpler solution. Choose TidyChoice. We specialise at matching you with the perfect cleaning professional that suits your needs and preferences.

Whether it is getting rid of last minute clutter before your friends come over or booking someone on a regular basis, we can get rid of any mess and make your home looking tidy, sparkling, and serene.

If you still don’t believe us, have a look at  this checklist by Airwick for what contributes towards a bad impression:

  1. Does it smell nice as you first enter?
  2. Is the place too cluttered?
  3. Is the place homely?
  4. Do the rooms smell fresh?
  5. Is the temperature right/too hot/too cold?
  6. Any stains/marks on the walls in the house?
  7. Is the sofa comfy?
  8. Do they have too many ornaments? Do they look cheap?
  9. Are there coats hanging off the banister?
  10. Is the overall décor modern/stylish?
  11. Are there piles of post/junk mail on the floor/not opened?
  12. Are the shoes in the hall neatly stacked?
  13. Is there stuff on the stairs?
  14. Are the skirting boards clean/not dusty?
  15. Are there a lot of kids’ toys around?
  16. Is the artwork nice or not?
  17. Do they have nice touches, such as candles for example?
  18. Is the lighting at a good level?
  19. Are the curtains outdated?
  20. Are the hand towels soft?

Take the hassle and discomfort out of your home and enjoy your new free time with your friends doing what you love the most. Choose a tidier home. Use TidyChoice.

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