Natural cleaning products

Are you afraid that some cleaning products might be toxic for you and your pets? Well, here are some natural alternatives.

Ground coffee beans

Ground coffee beans are good odour removers. After you make your flat white, you can save the beans and leave them in a small bowl. When they are completely dry, they can help deodorize your fridge, cupboard, and wardrobe.

Baking soda

Baking soda is the killer of stains and oil. When mixed with water and vinegar, it can dissolve dust, grease, and oil in your kitchen. It can also remove hard water stains in water boilers, coffee stains on clothing and polish silverware and jewellery.

Vodka and gin

Liquor can shine your silver and glass. Because of its high concentration of alcohol, it can also kill bacteria and is good for cleaning bathroom tiles. You can also replace special screen wipes with regular alcohol wipes.


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