Things to do on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you know you want to plan something nice for him, but just can’t think of ideas. We have the solution for you. Here are some quick ideas of how you can make this Father’s Day special for him.

  1. Take him out for a meal


It is amazing how in your busy lifestyle, sometimes, you struggle to make time and have a sit-down meal with your dad. A simple gesture of taking him out for a meal to spend some quality time can make this Father’s Day special for him.

  1. Plan a day out with him

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There is a lot going on in and around London this weekend to make this Father’s Day fun for the both of you.

  • Head to the food festival – Taste of London in Regent’s Park

Here you can try some of the amazing different cuisines from some of the London’s best restaurants.

  • Gift him a spa treatment – Men appreciate such relaxing endeavours too

A spa is no longer a women-centric activity but has now become a place for all genders, as everyone likes a bit of pampering. You can take him for a facial, massage, or even one of those special “for him” spa experiences.

  • Sunday Stand-up Comedy – Top Secret Comedy Club in Covent Garden

With just £1 a ticket, not only could this be one of the most affordable options in London, but it could well be the funniest.

  1. Get him a cleaner – DO NOT let him clean on Father’s Day


With progress in all fields across the board, women are becoming empowered in all fields every day. However, we see that men are progressing into fields which were initially seen as women-centric. Now 65% of men spend some time doing household activities such as cleaning, cooking, lawn care and more. On an average day, 19% men do cleaning while 42% do food preparations or clean-up. An interesting fact that may come as a surprise to you is that employed men work 53 minutes more than employed women around the house. So, men can no longer be blamed for not pulling the weight around the house, and they deserve the break too.

How about giving him a present he’ll appreciate in the long term? How about getting him a cleaner from TidyChoice. You can book a housekeeper to suit his availability, location, and your price range. The website will automatically show you the best options to match and within minutes you can book a cleaner for him and make his Father’s Day special. He will appreciate your unique gift every time he is able to enjoy his new tidy living space. Make the choice today and help him keep his home tidy.