Tired of waiting to get new customers?

As a great independent cleaning professional with regular customers who still has plenty of available working time during the week, you wonder how you can find new customers.

You know that  the first thing most people do when they need a new cleaner is to ask their friends and neighbours if they know a good one. When people get a recommendation from someone they trust, they nearly always try to hire that person. Word-of-mouth is a powerful way to get new customers.

Luckily, letting people around know that you are available to work has never been easier. Social media: Facebook, Twitter, even sometimes email, has become the defacto way of asking people for advice. To make it easy for anyone to refer you, it would be great if you shared with them a link to your profile and verified customer recommendations. This would really make you stand out and increase your chances to get hired.

So do not hesitate to use Facebook and other channels to spread the word.

Because TidyChoice understands that a good profile and checked online references are difficult to get, we create your unique, individual web page that you can share with existing and prospective customers for free. Our mission is to help experienced independent cleaners find new customers and earn more.  Your web page will allow customers to view your profile and customer recommendations so that they will have the confidence to hire you. We independently verify references so that customers can have trust in you. When your profile is completed and verified by us, you can share your weblink with potential customers and forward it to your contacts and existing customers to look for referrals. We can also find you new customers through our website.


When customers share your profile on FaceBook, it links to the website, your info and your reviews. People only have to copy and paste your profile address – E.g. https://www.tidychoice.com/ housekeepers/’your ID number’- or share directly from the social media icons.

Get your public profile with TidyChoice here

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